Betel Nut Boy

Betel Nut Boy is a photograph series documenting quickly staged performances in carefully chosen locations throughout the area of Wan-Hua in Taipei.

On previous trips to Taiwan, I became fascinated by the culture of "betel nuts." I was particularly drawn to the green, fluorescent signs that mark the location of the convenient betel nut shops. I was also drawn to the "aquarium" like quality of the shops displaying young and beautiful "betel nut girls."

After a while, however, I began to tease my Taiwanese friends that it is unfair and discriminating not to have enticing betel nut boys.

I decided to create this photography project as an amusing means of introducing a foreigner playing a "betel nut boy" on the streets of Taipei.

In order to reinvent myself as a betel nut "beauty," I created a miniature betel nut sign that I could hold in my mouth. I would hold the sign in mouth and, as casually as possible, sit or stand for as long as my jaw could hold the sign.

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